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Apr. 7th, 2008


Research Proposal



          For my research paper, I am researching Technology with the growth and advancements of our ways of communication and delivery.  It is easy to take the many ways of communication we have today for granted, but when you take a look into the past to what obstacles have been overcome and the advancements that have been made, it is eye opening to see the hard work and everything people in the past have worked for and put into it.  I have found multiple websites on the growth of technology in this division and many books portraying true stories about people working with our older communication and delivering systems and how many lives were changed through their experiences with these means of communication. 

How do we dial certain numbers and it calls a specific person?  How do communication systems keep track of everyone’s calls?  Who came to think of a way to design our communication systems?  How do you begin to design a system so complex to perform such a task?  These our a few questions that I not only ponder, but many people as well while only a few search to understand and comprehend the answers. It has always baffled me the way not only our telephones and cell phones work let alone the internet, but even the old telegraph machines.   I have currently been researching much of the history on communication and delivery to fully begin to understand how we got to where our generation is today.  These are a few obstacles I intend to pursue to understand in this research project.

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