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My proposed research topic for my end of unit blog assignment is on the media, and specifically how the media affects the military. I was thinking back to the beginning of the Iraq war and how the US military imbedded journalist with different wings, brigades, and fleets. Many people at the time though that this would change the aspect of war because never have there been such direct reporting. When World War 2 began, it took hours for news to reach the mainland United Stated. Now, with all of the technologies, we (the general public) knew within 10 seconds when the United States had begun its liberation movement. In 2003, at the start of the conflict, lots of media outlets like Fox News, Time Magazine, and various other reputable sources did documentaries and wrote articles about how this helped the “average Joe” see what war was like. In my paper, I plan to examine how the military has had to change to this, and step up their game. It used to be that if you shot a civilian during a battle, like in World War 2 it was no doubt bad, but they would never be reported on mass media outlets. With today’s conflict, as soon as a civilian is shot, we know about it, might have videos of it, and 10 seconds later the media is writing article about how Marines are baby-killers. I want to study the difference between these two “ages” and also draw and see if there are any correlations that can be linked between in regard to the amount of success the military is having in comparison to the different wars and conflicts.


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Apr. 10th, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
Wow. This actually seems really interesting. Good idea.
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