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Almost everyone in the world is a fan of some sort of sport. The most popular sport in the United States though, would have to be football. The small obsession with a certain team or certain player can be seen at almost any game, on almost any Saturday or Sunday. A last name that is synonomous with football would have to be Manning. One thing that seemed to be true about this family is that the people either loved them or they hated them. There really was no in between.  Before this year, most people criticized Eli Manning. They believed he was a joke, or that his last name was the only thing that was giving him all the attention he received. Everyone remembers the whole San Diego Chargers incident on draft day. There were many people that would extremely upset with this “brats” attitude. At one point it seemed that everyone hated Eli.  My paper will examine how many people before the Super Bowl  XLII, openly loathed Eli Manning for his last name and his playing skills, or lack there of. But after Super Bowl XLII he becomes almost surreal. Supposed super fans of his have come out of the wood work. Some even prefer him over Peyton now. Bloggers today are extremely fickle in most of their opinions. One huge event can completely change someone’s mind. It is as if their words before had no meaning. They just have to jump on that bandwagon.

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