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    Since I never really get on my computer and always forget to blog and stuff, I thought I'd be an over acheiver and do it early so I dont forget!  So last night I saw the funniest comidian I have ever seen in my life!  Jeff Dunham came to town sat. night at the Civic Coliseum and was completely sold out!  He does the lil vintriloquist dolls, however u spell it but it was the funniest freaking show I have ever seen!! I was laughing so hard I was crying and then I had the biggest headache from laughing so much and as soon as I would finally catch my breathe I'd lose it again haha it was great!  If anyone has never seen him you need to go buy one of his dvd's or just see if you can find anything of his on youtube its hilarious.  Its amazing how talented he is with those dolls, he can do so many voices and it really seems as though there are 2 people up there on the stage and one of the greatest things is he does so much improv with it..its unbelievable!  Gah thats what made last night so funny too I wish I could get a dvd of last nights show but I dont think they record em or if they do sell em.  Ive heard and watched some comidians but he has to be one of the best by far!!




Martin, Kevin J., Michael J. Copps, Jonathan S. Adelstein, Deborah T. Tate, and Robert McDowell. "Wired, Zapped, and Beamed, 1960's Through 1980's." Federal Communications Commission. 2 Jan. 2008. 31 Mar. 2008 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiwww.fcc.gov/omd/history/tv/1960-1989.htmlki/telegraphy>.

This website has a huge contribution to my research from learning about the maturation of the television all the way to the efficient fiber optic cable invented in 1970. Communication and Delivery through the people has been greatly benefited through the technology growth in TV's and our satellite systems.  With TV today, news alerts from the weather to disasters are easily viewed and heard by people throughout the world.  The material accumulated through this website is going to keep my focus and benefit my knowledge greatly.  Personally I am attracted to electronics and have a great appreciation for them, but have never understood the process of putting them together.  Therefore, through this information will not only the growth of my knowledge expand, but so will the accurate information in my paper.



Crocker, Dave. "Email History." Living Internet. 7 Jan. 2000. 31 Mar. 2008 <www.livinginternet.com/e/ei.htm>.

This website is full of information on Emails from how they were invented to the different systems they run off of and all the companies that use them. Everything in the Email history is written on this webpage. Learning how the technology has grown and contributed with communication through emails has a significant contribution to benefit the research in my paper.




Slater, Iii, William F. "Internet History and Growth." Internet Society. Sept. 2002. 2 Apr. 2008 <http://www.isoc.org/internet/history/2002_0918>.

This website has not only a major benefit to my paper but also to my self personally. The creation of a computer let alone the internet has always boggled my mind tremendously, so to learn more about it will benefit my personal knowledge greatly. The whole history of the internet and all the people behind it are located on this webpage. This page explains information all the way through the internet history, internet evolution, internet pioneers, and the growth of the internet. The internet has been the greatest contribution of technology not only with communication and delivery, but just in technology in general. To have access to the material on this webpage will greatly influence hopefully my paper and my knowledge also.




Slater, Iii, William F. "Internet History and Growth." Internet Society. Sept. 2002. 2 Apr. 2008 <http://www.isoc.org/internet/history/2002_0918>.

This website has not only a major benefit to my paper but also to myself personally. The creation of a computer let alone the internet has always boggled my mind tremendously, so to learn more about it will benefit my personal knowledge greatly. The whole history of the internet and all the people behind it are located on this webpage. This page explains information all the way through the internet history, internet evolution, internet pioneers, and the growth of the internet. The internet has been the greatest contribution of technology not only with communication and delivery, but just in technology in general. To have access to the material on this webpage will greatly influence hopefully my paper and my knowledge also.

Annotated Bibly

  Blood, Rebecca. The Weblog Handbook. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing Co., 2002.

This source will be helpful because the author was one of the first people to keep an online journal or weblog.  In her book shes tells how weblogs are maintained and setup. She also speaks about how weblogs came about from written diaries to online journals. This will help to compare the earlier weblogs to other more current weblogs. It will also help to compare the different setups of the weblog to older hand-written journals and diaries.

Brophy, Beth. "Dear Diary: a history." U.S. News & World Report. Oct. 23, 1995: 89. General OneFile. Gale. University of Tennesse Libraries.
                31 March 2008. http://find.galegroup.com?ips/start.do?prodId=IPS

This source is basic study of the history of diaries of different women in different time periods. It talks about the writing tendencies of the women in different times periods. It will be helpful in trying to compare the writing tendencies of people's diaries throughout time. It also gives a good look into the handwritten diaries back in the day and how the time period they are written in influences what the author writes about.  

Serfaty, Viviane. The Mirror and the Veil: An Overview of American Online Diaries and Blogs. New York, NY: Rodopi, 2004.

This source is useful because it talks about the social functions of the online diaries and blogs of today.  It also gives good examples of how technology can influence how someone records their daily events and thoughts.  It will help with trying to elaborate on the differences of the earlier blogs and the more recent blogs of today.  It could also be helpful in explaining the differences and similarities between online blogs and handwritten diaries and journals.

Herman, Michael G. "Opening A New Chapter.(My Turn)(writing a diary)." Newsweek Nov 5, 2007: 22. General OneFile. Gale. University of Tennessee Libraries. 3 Apr. 2008 

This source is an article written by a man who kept a diary chronicling the life of his son.  He talks about the kinds of things he would write in it like specific events in his sons life throughout childhood to adulthood. I like this article because it gives a good insight to the thought processes that go into keeping a diary or journal. The author also gives good details of what motivated him to keep a diary and what he might do with it now that his son has grown up. It also lets the reader know the significance behind diaries and journals.

Works [to be] Cited

Anna Stout
3 April 2008
Devon Asdell
English 102, Section 037

Annotated Bibliography

Padgett, Hilda. “The Hanging of Mary the Elephant.” The TNGen Web Project. 08 March 2008. USGenNet. 03 April 2008.
< http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tnunicoi/mary.htm>

This article will help my research paper untold amounts in that it contains the basic story of the elephant hanging in Erwin. There are no details, but it gives the general accounts of what went on there. The first thing in writing an informative paper is gathering the information. This article does also have the names of the circus folk involved in the endeavor, and I will doubtless be utilizing that as well. Some of the names also sound familiar. I think they were mutated into fictional characters in a circus book I read. I will make note to check on that. If that be the case, I will be including that a source as well.

“Topsy (Elephant).” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. 21 March 2008. 03 April 2008.
< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topsy_(elephant)>

This article in Wikipedia will help with my research paper because it will allow me to site other examples where elephants were killed for murder but not hung. I want to be able to show that the hanging in Erwin was an unusual event because it was a hanging. This source also reveals that, for this elephant, it was decided that hanging was inhumane. That in itself is also a very important piece of information when taking into account the actions that came to pass in regards to Mary, the elephant who met her end in Erwin.

Schroeder, Joan Vannorsdall . “There’s A Skeleton In A Trainyard In East Tennessee.” Blue Ridge Country. 2004. 03 April 2008.
< http://www.blueridgecountry.com/elephant/elephant.html>

This is the most interesting source I think thus far. It goes into greater detail on what happened. Not only that, but it explains the time period- what may have been on many of those involved’s minds. It also gives four different accounts of what may have actually occurred, because apparently, nothing is certain. Another thing I will be using from this site is the perspectives of the people living there now and how the town copes today with its murderous history.

Dominy, Craige. “Murderous Mary”. 03 April 2008.
< http://www.colinbotts.com/monkeygrinder/murderousmary.html>

The detailed writings of this article are very similar to the information given in “There’s A Skeleton In A Trainyard In East Tennessee.” This article does have more a Charlie Sparks though and his background. Charlie Sparks was the owner of the circus with which Mary traveled, so I think its important for a little background on Charlie to be in the paper. I plan on also looking up more about Walter “Red” Eldridge who was reported to be Mary’s one victim. There is not much known about him, but perhaps there is more than what I have thus far.

(p.s. I couldn't get this to format correctly on livejournal. I swear I did it right on my word document though...)

Annotated Bibliography

White, Ralph K. “Hitler, Roosevelt, and the Nature of War Propaganda”. APA PsychNet. The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology. 1949 April Vol.44(2) 157-174. American Psychological Association. http://psycnet.apa.org.proxy.lib.utk.edu:90/index.cfm?fa=search.displayRecord&id=156F748C-A909-1D30-D01D-8E7DA6ADD1C1&resultID=3&page=1&dbTab=pa.

Ralph White, through analyzing speeches given my Roosevelt and Hitler between 1935 and 1939, compares and contrasts the approach each of these men take rile their countries support in World War II. He demonstrates their similarities in painting a very distinct picture for their people and the differences in how they come to do so. In analyzing Hitler’s attempt to further each citizen’s paranoia, he approaches the topic of the harmful propaganda between the Europe and the US.


Andrew, Thomas G; Smith, Denzel G; Kahn, Lessing A. “An empirical analysis of the effectiveness of psychological warfare”. APA PsychNet. Journal of Applied Psychology. 1954 August Vol.38(4) 240-244. American Psychological Association. http://psycnet.apa.org.proxy.lib.utk.edu:90/index.cfm?fa=search.displayRecord&id=158FCB65-95BD-0628-61F7-6DF8FCA99D2C&resultID=1&page=1&dbTab=pa

A study of a selected sample of Korean and Chinese prisoners of war is conducted in an attempt to verify the hypothesis that the basic purpose of psychological warfare is present in the subjects psychological characteristics. The conclusion of the study verify the hypothesis but brings the light the fact that psychological warfare’s effects are to some extent contributed to those more susceptible to psychological manipulation.


“Rise of Modern Propaganda”. Responsible Rhetoric. http://mason.gmu.edu/~amcdonal/Rise%20of%20Modern%20Propaganda.html#Propaganda

The “Rise of Modern Propaganda” explores a current, more susceptible, society exposed to a constantly increasing level of propaganda. In a condensed format, this article follows a spacey time-line of more and more expansive forms of multimedia consequently leading to the more expansive opportunity for propaganda to be distributed to the masses. Three different types of propaganda were touched upon, and specific political incidents are used as examples.  



“Roots of Propaganda”. Responsible Rhetoric. http://mason.gmu.edu/~amcdonal/Roots%20of%20Propaganda.html

Although this is a relatively short article, it touches on the derivative thought of propaganda, thought to start with Plato. Propaganda has evolved over time through different philosophs as well as average minds. Aristotle explores how persuasion is based on ethos, pathos, and logos. The source of propaganda must be appealing in each of these three ways to be optimally effective.  Specific examples of this are also provided.

Eric Morris

English 102

Ms. Devon

            Annotated Bibliography

1.      Darwin, Charles. "Excerpts from Charles Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle." www.tc.pbs.org. 2001. WGBH Educational Foundation and Clear Blue Sky Productions. 3 Apr 2008 <http://www-tc.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/educators/teachstuds/pdf/darwins_excerpts.pdf>.


-          This source consists of real hand-written journal entries from Darwin’s journal as he traveled across the world on his five year voyage. These will be very valuable because they include his findings in the Galapagos, and all the other interesting places he visited. These journal entries have record that supports evolution; one of the greatest biological discoveries.


2.      Moore, James. "Darwin, Charles Robert (1809–1882)." http://www.oxforddnb.com. 2004-8. oxford university press. 3 Apr 2008 <http://www.oxforddnb.com.proxy.lib.utk.edu:90/view/article/7176?docPos=5>.



-          This source is a really informative biography on Darwin. It’s is very detailed and I gained a lot of valuable information from it. It assisted me in better understanding Darwin’s entire life opposed to just his explorations.


3.      Darwin, Charles. On the Origin of Species. Indypublish.com, 1912.

-This was Charles Darwin’s controversial book that he finished early in the 20th century. The book tells of his reasoning for natural selection and for evolution. This was definitely Darwin’s finest of works and will add much needed information to my paper.


4.      Hiemstra, R. (2001). Uses and benefits of journal writing. In L. M. English & M. A. Gillen, (Eds.), Promoting journal writing in adult education (New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, No. 90, pp. 19-26). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


-This was a web page which laid out interesting uses and benefits of keeping journals. I found it helpful in linking science and journals.  Many scientist and naturalist find journals very useful in navigating through their intensive studies and findings.

"A History of the Sporting News." Magazines Things and Other Stuff. 2 Apr. 2008 <http://www.magazines.things-and-other-stuff.com/sporting-news.html>. 
The website “A History of the Sporting News” is very helpful in my topic of the influence of early sports publications on sports blogs today. This website gives a lot of good information about The Sporting News which was an old sports publication that much of the United States used to get to learn about all the sporting events that they were not able to attend firsthand. It is a good way to compare the sports blogs of today and what people were used to before the internet was even a thought. It is a good source to show the advancement of the sports publications and what all they contained.
"SB Nation." Sports Blog Nation. 2 Apr. 2008 <http://www.sbnation.com/>. 
Sports Blog Nation is an excellent example of an up to date weblog. It has very interesting information for the interested sports fan. It has categories for numerous sports so one does not have to focus on only one sport. In my opinion, I found it to be a very good website to compare the older publications to. It contains good examples of a blog webpage and shows how the sports fans of today can get some of their information.
"Sports Illustrated." Wikipedia. 28 Mar. 2008. 2 Apr. 2008 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sports_Illustrated>. 
For quite some time now, Sports Illustrated has been one, if not the, most well known sports publications of the time. Before the internet came out and besides the local newspaper Sports Illustrated gave every sports fan the inside track on all of the sporting information. When it first hit the newsstands it was another stepping stone in the sporting publications world. This website contains information about the history and influence of the magazine. It has had much to do with the way the sports blogs look and operate today. Sports Illustrated will be a great help with further developing my topic.

Annotated Bibliography

Katherine Leonard

3 April 2008

Devon Asdell

English 102, Section 037

Annotated Bibliography

Associated Press, "Coach: Stop bashing Eli: Title run should quiet critics." Columbia Tribune 22 Jan 2008 01 Apr 


This article from the associated press talks about New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin’s reaction to the media’s criticism of his quarterback, Eli Manning. Again, prior to Manning’s late game heroics in the Super Bowl the media constantly bashed the Giant’s team captain. As one reads through the article it becomes clear that people have definitely been won over by Manning’s play. I will use this article as well as the Myers article to exemplify the difference in the tone of bloggers before and after Manning was able to get the proverbial monkey off of his back by engineering a game winning drive on the grandest possible stage. This article has a distinctly positive connotation, and goes to show that Eli’s success changed his media perception from goat to hero with one game changing performance. Internet bloggers are a fickle group, and this point is never more clear it is when one reads through the blogs pertaining to Eli Manning.


Joyner, KC. "Manning beginning to justify hype ." NFL Insider Blog 28 Oct 2007 01 Apr 2008 

The title of this article is a bit misleading in that “beginning to justify the hype” leads to thoughts of Manning finally achieving the lofty goals that most around the league set for him from day one. The truth is, however, that this article is much more about Eli reaching a level of mediocrity. Joyner talks at length about Manning’s numbers and how his stats are only good enough to be an average to slightly above-average QB. This perception of Eli as a mediocre QB at best shows that even people that could be considered Eli supporters, don’t truly believe he can become elite. Joyner does an excellent job of using statistics (such as Eli’s averages as well as the league averages.) It is not until Eli leads his team to a Super Bowl winning drive that people begin to accept Eli as a great clutch performer. The very fact that an article that is designed as a positive take on Eli’s accomplishments lands him somewhere in the mediocre range speaks volumes on bloggers mixed reviews about him.

King, Peter. "Peter King takes his `Monday Morning Quarterback` to new heights...." The Sports

       Hernia Blog 26 Nov 2007 01 Apr 2008

Peter King presents a view that is in stark contrast to the views presented to the readers in the previous two blogs. King is wholly unimpressed with Eli’s play, but King is, of course writing before Eli’s Super Bowl capping drive. King’s article actually gives a microcosmic view of bloggers reactions to Eli’s play. I will use this article to show that bloggers around the world had a much more negative opinion of Eli’s skill level and potential before he proved all of his critics wrong. King goes as far as to say that every time he watches Eli play he becomes more and more convinced that he will never be a great QB, his tone is very much representative of almost all bloggers before that faithful February night when Eli changed the opinions of thousands, if not millions, of internet columnists, fans, and bloggers.

Myers, Gary. "As it turns out, blockbuster 2004 trade for Eli Manning was Super one." NY Daily News 02 Feb 2008 

       01 Apr 2008 



Gary Myers article is written a short time after the Super Bowl was played. His article recounts the events of the NFL draft the year that Eli Manning was selected number one overall. The Chargers and the Giants pulled off a deal that shook the future of the league. Eli Manning was initially drafted by the Chargers and he demanded a trade to the NY Giants. Myers tells that thirteen of the seventeen general managers interviewed believed that the Chargers actually got the better of the deal. People certainly changed their tune after Eli led his Giants to a game winning drive in the Super Bowl over the previously undefeated New England Patriots. I will use this article to demonstrate the very essence of my paper; people’s opinions of the formerly much maligned quarterback have changed dramatically since his victorious Super Bowl campaign.


The Lord of Stromhold

Well now that I am dead, it is up to my sons to compete for who will take the thron. Honestly my money would be on Septimus if I were a gambling man, just because he has always been somewhat ruthless. Although he would be the most likely you can never make such assumptions like such. I wonder if they had even thought about the crown maybe going to the only son of Una, Tristran. I bet those thick headed sons of mine never even thought about that. It should definitely turn out to be quite interesting. At least I get to watch it all take place from the heavens.  

Cluck Squawk Cheep Cheep!

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hoooowumpus! que que squawk!!! Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!